WebIntensity email is a full SMTP email solution that can handle a variety of configations. It can compliment you Exchange email solution as an edge or satelite email server.

Can WebIntensity be used for list serving?

Yes a list of names and addresses can be uploaded to WebIntensity via a web browser or from an application server. A single email sent to the list name will be distributed to the recipients in the list. Each user is in control of their lists.

Can out-bound mail be throttled?

Yes, each out bound email accout ( from address) can specify how much bandwidth to use.

I'm on vacation next week and manage my clubs email what can I do?

We can automatically forward mail from our server to another email address, or help anouther user setup their account to retrieve the mail. You do not need to leave your computer on. WebIntensity supports shared email accounts that can be accessed by multiple people at the same time.