Our products are designed with performance and reliability in mind. Stress free computing is our goal.

WebIntensity © Email Gateway

  • Perfect for sending bulk email to your clients, or from your web application.
  • Can be used as a email server platform for ISPs.
  • Can be used as high capacity alert email system. e.g. health and saftey, transportation, or job notification systems
  • High Performance and Capacity.
  • Full logging.
  • Email list support.
  • Easy to manage.

Senior Saver © Android Widget

A monitoring tool that is installed on a seniorís phone to help monitor activity, travel and battery life. A number of features help seniorís with dementia or Alzheimer's. Alerts are sent by SMS text messaging to support contacts.

WebIntensity © Content Management

A website is supposed to support the business. We can show you new ways to integrate communication technology into your value chain.

WebIntensity © Presentation Layer Database

Sounds technical and it is. One day everyone will work this way. Your sensitive data backend is behind your firewall and uploads web data to our presentation layer database. Imagine a world with no SQL issues, no SQL dead locks, no SQL injection issues, no database connection issues, increased performance, and a real potential of reducing database license costs. Integrated workflow means that users only see the data they are entitled to.

WebIntensity © Small Office Bundle

This product is nornally resold though ISPs. It allows you to sell managed email services that are hosted at the clientís location. This can increase your revenue while descreasing the traffic on your Internet connection, since interoffice email no longer travels out of the building.


WebIntensity © Email antispam services

Let us filter (despam) your email before sending it to your company. This can reduce your email trafic by a factor of 10 making your existing Internet connection more effective.

WebIntensity © Project Space

Let us provide a shared work space to your project or company. Upload and share files in a password protected area. You can even email documents to be uploaded to the shared area.

WebIntensity © SMTP Email

Do you need a reliable email account without the headaches?
Do you want an anonymous account for job applications that automatically forwards to your business email address?
Do you have a club or organization that needs web and email services that cater to an organizations needs?

WebIntensity © Childrenís Email

Highly filtered email that can only accecpt email from a preregistered list of email addresses.
Proceeds from the Childrens email product is used to support the needs of high-functioning Learning Disabled Children.

WebIntensity © Incident Ticket system

Track your incidents or issues with our fast system. The record reservation system ensures only one user is editing a ticket at a time unlike sharepoint where the first person to save wins. Fast performance means less time editing and more time to do work. Low monthly fees ensure value.